Saturday, 10 January 2015

Very sexy Victoria Secret 2015

Well, hello 10th January, May is only 4 months away and with a bit of luck it will bring enough warm weather for us to get into a bikini. For me my main New Years resolution was to eat cleaner this year, which I so far have managed to do. (With cleaner I mean organic vegetables, salads, fruits etc. just making sure that anything I put into my body hasn't been processed or injected full of basically crap).

I came across Victoria Secret's 2015 swim range today and I want a stomach like that!  

and the bikini's looks pretty lush as well.
It has given me enough inspiration to hit the gym! Have a lovely weekend! 
All pictures are taken from Victoria Secret

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  1. Oh my it is SO COLD here today I am dreaming of warmer shores and any of these would be divine to wear on said warmer shores!

    Allie of ALLIE NYC