Saturday, 31 January 2015

Play time

I am far, far removed from my little work-space in the tropics and inspiration has been hard to come by.

 I got sent these precious paua shells from New Zealand and just looking at them got my creative juices flowing again, so I made bracelets out of them.
In the Maori language paua is the name given to the abalone species. The paua is only found in the coastal waters of New Zealand. No two paua shells are the same. It is believed that all abalone (including the paua) strengthens the body as well as the heart. The shell represents the beauty of life and brings intuition, sensitivity and harmony to relationships. According to the Maori's the shell brings good luck, prosperity and peace to the wearer. 
I believe that too! 


  1. Oh this just lovely. And it is 18 degrees here with high winds so I am all about a tropic getaway right about now!

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

    1. Dear Allie, thanks heaps. 18 degrees and high winds..brrrrrr! I understand the longing for sun and beach!

  2. Hi sweetie!
    of course that everything you put your magical hands on has got to be turned into pure art!
    beautiful bracelets and sincerely hope they will bring you all the joy and peace of mind in the world!
    wish you a wonderful weekend, dear Hildi

    a big kiss

  3. What a beautiful and special bracelet:) Wish you a lovely and warm day, sweetie. xoxo