Wednesday, 7 January 2015


My relationship with some of my closest friends have lasted me almost my whole life.
I do believe friendship is one of the most important things in life.
Looks like I am not alone:
This little macaque monkey strayed from it's mother and was taken care of by the staff of a Chinese animal protection centre, where he soon became best buddies with a white dove, who was also rescued. 
For two months they ate together, slept together, played together before they got released back into the wild. Picture and story taken from here 

In Norway an unusual friendship developed between the dog Tinnie and the Fox Snusen.
They will play together as often as they can in a forest close to Ski, in  Akershus.
The link is taken from here
Bubbles the African Elephant and Bella the black Labrador met in a safari reserve in the US after Bubbles was rescued from Ivory poachers in Africa. These two are great together.
Link and pictures is taken from here

So, look after your friends, they all bring blessings and lessons and enrich your life, even with friendships gone wrong somewhere later along the line you will realise you learnt an important lesson. 


  1. What a heart warming post! My mom just mentioned this to me the other day: the unusual friendships between animals.

    Allie of ALLIENYC

  2. this is a beautiful post and such a meaningful one. It's incredible even how one can find true friendship among those we don't even know in person . I'm so glad you've entered my life somehow and I hope this new years and more to come will bring us closer.

    a big hug my sweet Hildi