Tuesday, 16 September 2014


I love to start the day with hot water with lemon followed by English breakfast tea when I am back home on the island and I will sit quietly, read a book or just stare out into the waves.

Currently I am in Bali for a short trip.
I love the vast offerings for breakfast they have here on the island and I am really, really missing my beetroot so what better way to start the day with a beetroot/ginger/carrot juice and a naughty cup of coffee. Vrooom-vrooom!


  1. babe, you were missed!!!!!!!!!!
    It's funny how I had already thought of you on the weekend! It's great to a have connection with a small community that our blogs provide, even if we don't keep in touch on a daily basis and, most importantly, never atually met!
    your posts keep on being truely inspiring as well as your amazing photographs!

    kisses and wishes of a great week

    1. Dear Aida, the internet connection down here has been beyond poor, so I've missed reading your blog. Thanks for the kind words! I might fall off the blogger universe again once I hit the island but for now while I am in Bali it is great to keep up with your awesome inspiring posts! Much love to you X

  2. Oh boy, that juice looks incredible and coffee is always a yes for me too:) Enjoy Bali, darling and talk to you soon. xoxo

  3. Vi har god frokost i Norge og....kom hem snar dåååååå!
    Savner deg fine Pildisen:-)