Saturday, 3 May 2014

Addicted to lists

So after two months out on the rock, I am finally back in Bali.
Normally a tourist destination for me it is a full on mission.
I have lists for just about everything I need if I don't write down what I need I end up getting so severely sidetracked that I'll end up with stuff that is completely off the wall.


  1. I make lists for everything as well:) Yum, your breakfast looks scrumptious! Have a great day, dear.

  2. So glad to have connected with you through perception collection! And now I get to follow your wonderful adventures in far-flung (from me at least!) lands! I'm a list maker too. Wish I were better at organizing them rather than having them in bits and pieces all over the place. Maybe if I had a breakfast like yours I'd stay better organized!

  3. Have fun! I make a list every time I go somewhere or I have to get things done, or else Ill forget.