Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Sea Turtle

 I recently had my birthday and one of the many beautiful gifts that I received was this adoption of a Sea Turtle. Yesterday I received this completely unexpected turtle teddy in the post with a description of the sea turtles from the WWF.  
(I love turtles and back on the island I've paid the locals to release the turtles after they caught them in their nets but more than often I am too late and I come across dead turtles which is heartbreaking and trying to educate the locals about the threats of extinction of the turtle just makes them laugh).
The turtles have travelled the seas for over 100 million years, they have outlived almost all the prehistoric animals with which they once shared the planet. Marine turtles survived the extinction of the dinosaurs and are still present in the world's oceans today but six out of the seven species of marine turtles are listed as endangered, at risk from many factors, all of them caused by us: The Humans.

My two cousins, Catharina and Rebecca and obviously thought long and hard about what exactly they could give me, even though I specifically told them all I wanted was their company on the night. (I don't get to see them that often). And yes it was a wig party hence the dodgy hair. 
Know anyone who's birthday is coming up and feel inspired here is WWF's web site.


  1. First of all happy belated birthday my dear Hildi! In Portugal we have a saying ..."you are just like Port Wine...the older the better it gets"!!!! :)
    Just would love to have baked you a delicious cake!!!

    sending you all my love and the turtle gift is one of the most poriginal gifts i have ever seen!

    a big kiss and wishes of a wonderful day

    1. Thank you dear Aida!
      I totally agree with you Port Wine saying :-)
      Hope you are having a wonderful week X

  2. What a sweet gift and you girls look so adorable on that photo:) Happy belated birthday:) xoxo