Saturday, 1 February 2014

Glorious Days

 This year, our side of the South Tirol we've had the most snow I can remember in years.
Normally, Trafoi sees more sunny days and blue skies than any other ski resort I have been to but this year most of the days have been filled with snow, cloud and white. Don't get me wrong: I love it but on the days that the sun has been out I have been first one in the "Furkelhutte", feet up, sunglasses off, -relishing in the sunshine, willing the clouds away.
 I had kind of given up milk, dairy products and so forth but up here if you ask for a soya cappuccino they will give dirty looks. So a normal full-fat fresh milk cappuccino has been on the menu for a month now, and it is actually pretty good.
 Most things up here come from the local farmers in the surrounding area. 

 So even though my normal diet of no milk, hardly any dairy, no red meat has taken a big beating I feel stronger and heavier than I have felt in ages. 

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