Sunday, 9 February 2014


Glorenza is one of the smallest walled towns in Europe.
The city walls embrace a quaint little place, it took us about 15 mins to walk from wall to wall.

 The whole place has a distinct medieval feel to it.
 Luckily we found a place that was open for coffee and cakes, yummy!
 This is an Italian town in the middle of Sud Tirol, so the people here all speak German but stick to the Italian siesta times where all shops are closed from 12.00 - 15.00.
 The only other place that was open besides the coffee shop was the church.

Nicely decorated with the Mother Mary figure at the altar and organ music blaring from above.


  1. i just love the round doorways- it makes me think of lord of the rings and the little hobbit homes.

  2. That is so right! You almost feel like a giant walking around in this little village!