Monday, 28 October 2013


 We've had plenty of on-shore/south winds days which means for some mysterious reason our internet shuts down because it can't handle the winds (?). Really. It is the weirdest thing. The days are super hot and the mornings are filled with dew, as you can see from our sun-deck chairs. 
 The sarongs are being washed daily as we sweat so much. I love these practical items of clothing.
I am working on my necklaces every day now, trying to finish them before I head back to Europe. There is always a bit of worry when I make them: What if people don't like them? Will I be able to sell any? Did I choose the right style, and so forth. I put a lot of effort and soul into making my little pieces and I do get attached to every single one of them. 
 My cats are giving me constant entertainment, Day-Day is trying to get to grips with chasing the incense smoke, which is hilarious to watch,
 while little Misty prefers chewing and chasing on my toes. It is always heartbreaking when we leave and each year it gets harder and harder. Even though I have some wonderful people looking after my cats and feeding them I miss their cuddles and companionship. 
Lately I've even had time to sneak in a cheeky Margarita or two over at the resort whilst watching the sun set. Magic! 


  1. I love these photos! When I lived out of the city my internet (and cable..and sometimes power) would go out whenever the wind even thought about blowing. It was the weirdest and most annoying thing. I hope you have a good week!

  2. Hi Court, it is good to hear you had the same struggles. For a moment I thought I was going crazy, or at least that the island was playing tricks on me. X

  3. these photos are lovely! love your photographic records! pure beauty!!

    kisses and hugs