Sunday, 22 September 2013

The Ayana Spa

 The Ayana Resort and Spa out in Jimbaran, Bali is home to one of the worlds largest Auquatonic Seawater pools.
 The area itself is huge and stunningly beautiful.
I had heard that the Aquatonic pool would really benefit jet-lag so when my friends arrived from Norway this is where I took them on their first day of the holiday.
 It is a super relaxing atmosphere with birds twittering, the gentle sound of water trickling and off course the waves crushing in on the beach below. We picked a two hours treatment which started off with a session in the Aquatonic pool and ended up in the Rock bar with VIP access, cocktails included.
 Before the treatment started we drank our welcome drink and got a thorough explanation about the pool and the benefits of it. You go through different stations in the pool where the high powered pressure water hits different parts of your body so in the end you get a full water massage.
A perfect way to start your holiday.

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  1. and i just wish you have the time of your life my beautiful friend! breathtaking settings...