Sunday, 25 August 2013

The wonderful Lontar palm

The Lontar Palm is used by the Rotinese for a lot of things.
The branches are used for posts and fences, the leaves function as roofs and are woven into baskets. The juice of the Lontar palm, Nirah, (nire) is slightly milky coloured and sweet if fresh. It is full of nutrients and will fill you up and bring you heaps of energy to last throughout the day.
Nirah drips all day and night into tightly woven baskets and normally the Lontar Palm is attended to twice per day by the owners, who climb all the way up the top of the Lontar Palm to harvest the sweet nectar.
They also boil this sweet nectar and it turns into like a liquid sugar, great for sweetening your tea or to use as a sugar substitute for baking. 
I came across this little girl on one of my many jungle walks. 
This was quite far into the jungle and I do not know who got the bigger shock, me for discovering human people or she for discovering a white person. In the end she took off running to her mother.
The whole boiling process takes about 15mins to 1/2 hour to get the fire burning and when the pots come on they boil the liquid for about 4 hours (!) to turn it into liquid brown gula.


  1. Aww, she's the sweetest! And what a cool process you got to witness--I love that there are so many different functions for the palms!

  2. what a great collection of photographs. really beautiful dearest Hildi!
    wish you a great week full of happy and inspirational moments!