Thursday, 8 August 2013

Pushbike rides in the tropics part 1

We've had the pleasure of "babysitting" the NBR for a couple of days, which has been great.
There has been a Kiwi group staying there and they were awesome people to hang out with and on a flat Friday we decided to take them pushbike riding into the jungle. 
We wanted an early start, so 0700 we started off from the hotel. (It is after all the tropics and it gets pretty hot here come midday).

It is a relatively flat island but the few hills there is are nasty ones, with loose grovel which makes your wheels spin out so it is tricky.
It wouldn't be a proper pushbike ride without a puncture! 
Our destination was the "chocolate lake" named so for the colour not for the taste. Believe me!
It is a pretty big inland lake and worth the ride up.

Further past the lake, right in the middle of the overgrown jungle we come across this beautiful rice field. 


  1. I have never even heard of push bike riding but it sounds like such fun. What a lovely adventure you went on!

  2. Dearest Hildi,
    You must have had a blast! It soubesse so uch fun and the photographs are just great! Wish You continue to enjoy your stay there If it's the case and I wish You the loveliest weeken! Also, thank You so much for your constant complementos, they mean the World to me!
    A big big hug sweetheart!