Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Happiness in a little cup

I'm down to two cups of coffee per week and those cups I savour, ( I won't tell you how many cups of tea I have per day)....
 I normally have one early Tuesday morning before I pushbike up to the markets to buy the weeks supply of vegetables, tempeh, tofu, etc. as I need that extra pick-me-up and I need to wake up quickly.
The early morning cup of coffee is enjoyed in peace and silence with Menace playing at my feet.


  1. love this beautiful set of photos - real happiness showing off!
    wish you a very happy week!

  2. I also cut back drinking coffee! And I'm a barista, so I'm tempted by it everyday. :P I do, however, drink green tea everyday! It's healthier.. and I still get a little caffeine in me. :)

    I love that white mug!

  3. TACK för fina ord på min blogg:) jag gillar din också.

    Kolla in min nya post om förvaring:)

    Ha en skön vecka

    LOVE Maria at inredningsvis.se - en blogg om inredning