Sunday, 21 July 2013

The sun is shining

and the weather is hot.
The waves are finally up, after what must've been the longest flat spell in July ever.
So I thought I'd take my camera for a walk out on the reef and catch some of the action. It is great to be out here and have a look in on the beach. When we designed our house we wanted it so that it would blend in with the nature and looking in from the ocean you can hardly tell that it is there. 
It is in the middle of the "silly season" meaning there is a whole load of surfers in town all hunting down the waves and things can get a little hectic out on the main break. 
 I have just about retired from the main break, the crowds and the testosterone not to mention the bigger set waves have all scared me away so I am happy I have my own little right hander to ride.
 But it is still fun to head out to the reed and watch the 'professionals'.
On days like this there is smiles all around.

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  1. that looks heavenly. the color of those waves is so pretty!