Sunday, 7 July 2013


 We first came to this magical island in 1998 and have seen this spot go through a lot of changes.
From a desolated, isolated spot fast forward to 2013 where most of the beachfront has been bought up and new houses seem to be popping up monthly
...and who can blame them, this place is truly a fairytale come true.

 There is no building restriction down here, other than in our area we have to build 50 meter back from the low tide mark. Basically anything goes.
 One of our neighbours built this charming place, quite big and it has taken them a few years to complete it, thanks to dodgy builders but finally they can enjoy their own spectacular holiday home in the sun. They call their place Besialu too, the rest of the community down here call it Cost-A-Lot. (Guess why).
 Complete with swimming pool, pool house with awesome hanging chairs

guest houses,
 and most importantly: uninterrupted view of the surf.
The reason we all ended up here in the first place.


  1. Beautiful! What island do you live on?
    Olive & Ivy

    1. Hi Chelsea, it is one of the many beautiful Indonesian islands ;-)

  2. Oj!!! Det var sinnsykt fint...kan eg få bli bestis med de og? Skal de leie ut rommene i gjestehuset? Ser at du ikke vil avsløre hvilken øy dere er på, very The Beach!.. Kniiis:-)

  3. wow, that place is amazing! i wish it was called cost-a-little then maybe i could build one too :) it is really breathtaking.

  4. What a beautiful place! Amazing!