Friday, 3 May 2013

Afternoon sun

I still struggle a little with the heat down here.
I do my yoga first thing in the morning before the sun gets too hot otherwise it is like doing Bikram yoga.
Come midday it is too hot to do anything.
I sit still and the sweat is pouring out of my pores. 
I am so happy we've decided to live outside in down here and that we don't really have walls but bamboo so that the wind easily slip through and cools us down.
 I found these cool sparkly baskets whilst in Bali and they are great for storing stuff in. (Hairbands, nailpolish, lipglosses, -girly stuff).
The coral "tree" I found on the beach last year still functions as my ear-ring tree.
From 14.00 onwards it is possible to move around again so my favourite time of day is in the afternoon when the shades are growing longer,
 and the world seems to quiet down just a little.
Still I wouldn't want to be anywhere else.
Back home in my hometown in Norway on this day 03rd May 2013 they are experiencing snow.
Winter is coming......

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