Saturday, 16 March 2013


My grandmother is the only living grandparent I have left.
I treasure her dearly and try to go and visit her as often as I can. She is well over 90 years of age but still 100% with it. Clear as a blue sky day. 

 My mum, auntie, uncle, cousins all decided to come on this particular Sunday and suddenly there was  quite a crowd in her little apartment. I love going through old albums as it's like a trip down memory lane. 

My grandmother has got some really, really old valuable photo's of the family way back then. Here is my great-great grandparents, and some of their sisters and brothers. They all look so stern and frightening but my gran assured me that was only for the pictures, (This was when you were not allowed to smile and be happy in photo's. God knows why as in reality they were all a bunch of hard working farmers and joksters). The women never took their skirts off and even went skiing in them.
My grandmother on her Christening day. (Do you think they told her not to smile in this photo?)

 A bit later in time with her brother to the left and then much later when she re-married,(oh yeah, my
grandmother had two husbands) she also unfortunately became a widow twice. Her first husband was 15 years older than her while her last husband was 12 something years younger than her. I'm guessing she was quite a saucy little minx my gran ;-)
 An old newspaper clip from 1939 with the farm drawn in. My grandmother ran farms her whole life. She was only 14 years old when she took over a summer farm, all by herself, with no electricity and a herd of cows. Apparently her butter, milk and sour-cream was so great she had people coming from all parts of Norway to buy it off her. She also got on so well with the animals that when she sang the evening song they would all come back from wherever to the farm and settle in for the night. 
This is how I remember my grandmother most fondly. I spent many summers up here on the farm with her. I loved every aspect of it and I can remember most the sunny days...... Although I am sure we had plenty of rainy days as well..... Funny that isn't it?

It is always sad saying good-bye because I never know how much longer she'll be with us but the times we spend with her are filled with so much love and laughter. Having spent most of her years on her feet running around after the cows, looking after her animals, enjoying her long walks in nature, she is now confined to her little roller-walker as she cannot walk on her own anymore. I think this saddens her more than anything else. She is now living in an apartment block which is filled with her old girlfriends and sisters and they all still meet up doing all sorts of things: Singing classes, they'll sit and knit together, watch the biathlon on telly, meeting up for tea and coffee and it is such a joy to see and they are all still in their skirts, I do not think I have ever seen my grandmother in a pair of pants as she never got used to them.

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