Friday, 12 October 2012

A day at the Lontar Spa. ( I love my job)

After all that cleaning up getting our house ready for guests we headed to the SPA for some well deserved back rubbing. Jerome visited us earlier this year and left us with the luxurious goodbye present of 6 treatments at the Lontar Spa. Which believe me have been heaven sent for us both.
 I also have the extremely important job of being the Quality Controller of the Spa. ( I love this job and I love Sascha for letting me do this). So every once in a while I will come in and try a treatment that the girls don't do regularly, like say the "Divine Renewal". 
 "Take your clothes off and lay face down please"
Unfortunately I am really not good at this job as the last treatments I have had in the SPA have been so wonderful and the music so smoothing and the oils smells really good and the girls are really, really good at what they do so I have done the unthinkable: Fallen asleep. 
Which is in a way the best compliment I could give the girls.

 The shop in the SPA is still going great and there is some good buys to be made.
(Sorry I just had to :-)

Who wouldn't like to have a head, neck and shoulder massage in these surroundings?

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  1. Wow! Jerome is very generous for giving you guys that pleasant goodbye present. Six treatments for sure are enough for you guys to feel much, much better and have your stress fully relieved. The atmosphere at the spa place is very soothing and perfect for you guys to relax and have an amazing time off.

    Cathy Newman