Sunday, 30 September 2012

3 weeks

3 weeks, 1 day and 6 hours I've been living without sugar, dairy, animal products, coffee.
It's been pretty hard and heaven knows how much honey I've used in my tea's in that time but I've done it. That is up until this morning.
Yesterday some friends of ours came over and gave us this chocolate box:
 Which just happens to be filled with my favourite chocolates in the whole world.
John's eyes light up like a Christmas tree as he has eaten all chocolate in sight, (he claims that is so I won't get tempted), and I knew he would down this box in no time. This is what was left when I opened up the fridge this morning:
So I cracked.
The chocolates tasted absolutely  D I V I N E . I had 4 of them
and are now suffering from withdrawal. 
But it was totally worth it. 
Nom, nom!

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