Wednesday, 1 August 2012

The potato head beach club

We went to check out The Potato Head Beach Club in Bali for sunset drinks when we were there. I'd heard a lot about the place, the building is stunning and the front is covered in window shutters that have been collected from all over Indonesia. Once inside the doors this greets you:
So you're basically sitting in a half circle, looking at people sunbathing. At 17.30 in the afternoon. I would re-name the Potato Head the Poser Heads. It just takes perving to a whole new level. Would I feel comfortable laying out in a bikini in a bar knowing that probably most of the bar is watching me at some stage. Nope, I don't think so. But then again I live on a rock, sheltered and hermit style so this was a bit too much. 

 The roof in the bar looks like this:
 Pretty cool eh?
We concentrated on our drinks in the end, and the sunset moved into evening and the posers still lay on their sun-beds moving to and fro the bar, maybe they would stay there the whole night so they wouldn't miss their spot for the next day? Who knows?

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