Monday, 4 June 2012

The Lontar Spa

 My girlfriend Sascha has set up SPA in the resort.
Which is awesome!
They've given the old SPA building that Tom designed a facelift and it is now light and breezy and beautiful on the inside:
The two massage therapists has had extensive training in Bali throughout the whole wet season, which was huge for them, especially as they are both from a little village here on the island. To change it up from here to Bali is overwhelming even for me.

The space is so peaceful and Sascha being the wonderful person she is has spoilt me rotten using me as a "test dummy" for all the treatments, (pinch me I must be dreaming). With names like "Jet Lag Remedy" and "Divine Renewal" you cannot go wrong. I had my first ever facial there and it was fantastic.

No wonder we are all happy and smiling. 

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