Sunday, 17 June 2012

The Deblins are in town

Sara, Brett and Joel have come back for their annual stint and they brought presents:

Books :-)
They must've weighed a ton. All hardback covers, proper paper books.
I cannot wait to get stuck into them. It feels like Xmas.

I've been enjoying early morning walks with Sara. No mountains to climb but heaps of beachside walks, lasting up to two hours every morning from 06.30. Really great especially since the surf has been way to big for my little break to work.
Now she's gone back to her beautiful island of Kauaii and I miss her dearly. 
As for the walks it will be hard to do them alone as I will miss the company and the conversations but I got into such a good groove I will try and continue on when the waves are not breaking. 

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  1. I see you are walking past the sugar shack, and to think I'm not there to call in. You be careful you don't wear the path out.