Monday, 7 May 2012

Someone that inspires me

My grandmother.
I find her so inspiring.
She comes from a different era, you know the "hard core" era of the olden days.
"You should really cut your hair now that you are older", is her way of telling you she loves you.
She still bakes, cooks, waddles around on her bad hips, dishing out advice to the rest of the family.
She is still 100% with it.
Still wears skirts, even in the winter time, I have never seen her in trousers or jeans.

She's been working as a "budeie", (farmer) in the Norwegian mountains ever since she was a young girl. By the age of 14 she was running the little "seter" all by herself. 
People used to come from all over to purchase her freshly made butter, sour cream and cheeses.
Up at the crack of dawn every morning to milk the cows before they got let loose in the mountains.
In the evenings she had a special song for them and she sang them all back into the farm.
When the cows were too far away she sent mum, dad and me out to go fetch them and they always misbehaved until they heard my grandmother and her song. We all spent our summers here:

No electricity.
A farmhouse, a stone building where we used to sleep as many as 8 people and a outside toilet. 
 When I was young all I wanted to do was to go to Spain like the rest of my class mates and have a "cool" holiday. Now, I feel blessed having had this experience. 

I've been following Nikki over at "inspire Nordic"
and she had this great photo challenge. A photo a day. It is a little late but I will try and do my best to complete it, as long as the internet connection allows for it. 


  1. So lovely that you will be doing the challenge too!

    Your grandmother sounds lovely! I actually really loved this post. Before I began my degree in Scandinavian Studies, I read a lot of stories about farms and living in the mountains and these sorts of things that you have mentioned. This post really reminded me why I chose to study this degree and why I love Scandinavia so much :)

  2. Thanks Nikki.
    I loved your photo challenge!