Wednesday, 2 May 2012

The munchies have taken over

It's been a while since I've posted, sorry.
The internet connection has been beyond bad.
Plus I've been busy with friends, who brought chocolate, thank heavens, and another friend who is busy setting up a SPA! here on the island, so I've been able to inspect and try out every single treatment, (thank you Sascha!) I will write more about this another time.
 I feel very, very lucky.
I even had some awesome days out there in the surf.

We've been here on the island for a while now and the munchies are here big time so I've taken to baking bread, muesli/oat biscuits, (kinda "guilt-free" made with honey instead of sugar).

They lasted for two whole days.

I've taken to dreaming about Ben and Jerry's which is an ice-cream brand which makes unbelievable ice-cream, the phish food is my absolute favourite. 
Kinda hard, (impossible) to get hold of here.
So I am snacking like crazy on oat bikkies, bread and chocolate cakes in the hope that the chocolate in the fridge will last for another month. 

If you could have anything for dinner tonight what would you have?

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