Friday, 18 May 2012

A favourite place

I know I've posted a few photo's already of this place on my blog but today's photo challenge was a favourite place.

And Haugastoel is still my favourite place.
In my mind I cannot even remember rainy days up here, (off course we had more rainy days than sunny days) but whenever I think of "stolen" there is only happy moments. 
Great to spend my childhood roaming around in the mountains, having dips in the icy cold mountain water and going pushbike riding. 

As mentioned there was no electricity and the stove was a wood burning stove, no showers we had to use the river, outside toilet. We spent our days running around and our evenings outside by the little table or when it was raining inside with candle lights and midsummer nights in Norway if you haven't experienced them is magical. 

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