Thursday, 5 April 2012

Meet the extended family

I've always had a soft spot for animals. Of all kinds. When I was a kid I would put my teddy bear and later on my dog in the pram, instead of the baby dolls that was the norm.

So meet our extended family:

Tott. The Grand Old Dame of the house. Queen of Muck. In Norway we have a saying that goes: "Kjaert barn har mange navn", (a dear child has many names). Couldn't be more true. Tott has been with us for 6 years now. I found what I presume was her mum dead in our back yard and heard little soft miaows coming from our tool shed. Naturally I began feeding the little ones with milk, biscuits, fish anything I could get my hands on and Tott has stayed with us ever since. The Queen. We love her, our neighbours hate her as she is very naughty and jumps easily over the wall to our next doors neighbours kitchen and helps herself to whatever is edible in the kitchen. Being completely black the locals are a little scared of her. 

When we returned the year after Tott adopted us she had this little lady next to her and Pjusken is tiny. She is 4 years old now and not bigger than a litre water bottle. Extremely cuddly, thinks she is a dog and can growl on command. (Really). She gets picked on by the other cats purely because she is so little but she is very tough and super sweet. 

Tails. 3 years old and still spends most time with us. She was born in my clothing basket, right next to my bed as Tott saw that fit for a birthing bed. I had to throw the clothes I had in that basket away but she was worth every item. 

Every year we leave it kills me as I hate spending time apart from these lovely creatures.
Every year when I come back to our Paradise Island I am so excited to see them again. We have finally found someone trustworthy to look after them the months we are gone. Being cats I know they are fully capable of looking after themselves as well. 
We spend a little fortune on cat food that we are getting shipped in from Bali and flea collars and worm medicine and it is all worth it. 
Our only pain is that we cannot find a veterinarian who can "fix" them so they don't have to get pregnant, so every year we are giving away a whole lot of little kittens to friends and anyone who'll want them really.

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