Sunday, 18 March 2012


Last night in Bali we had a tremendous rain storm come through. 
At 22.00 it felt like the wind was going to blow the whole hotel down...
...and then the power went and all we could hear was the thunder and rain and wind and it was pitch black. Then it suddenly dawned on me that today we were flying into Kupang, "City of Dreams", in this weather. Great! 
We woke up in the dark and still with no power and wandered out to the road and realised that lightning had struck down some major telephone poles, the road was covered in live electrical wires, fallen trees and there was no way a taxi could drive up to the hotel.
 So we wandered up to the main road, in the dark, hauled a taxi and went to the airport. Got the flight and in 1 1/2 hours later we are in Kupang, just in time for another windy storm probably just arriving from Bali. 

 Which actually is great. After the last couple of days' rumbling around trying to buy food for the next three months it was actually a welcoming break to just lie down, read a magazine from cover to cover and eat some chocolate. How was your day?

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