Saturday, 17 March 2012

Snapshots from the back of the motorbike

I wouldn't necessarily come to Kuta for a beach holiday, (for that I would go up to the Bukit or choose the sandy golden beaches of Nusa Dua), but for a shopping destination it is absolutely awesome.
My main footwear for the next 8 months will be flip flops, (when I have to), or barefoot which is about 80% of the time. Imagine my absolute happiness when I discovered that "Havaianas" had opened up a brand new shop in the beginning of Jl. Oberoi. The temptation was too big and I had to drag John in with me to the shop and ended up with a great pair of flip flops. Oh, he did too :-)

 There are funky shops just about everywhere you look, enough to give you whiplash and awesome decor shops as well. 
Sunset from the road.

 Yup, they've made parking a bit more difficult .
Beautiful, exotic flower arrangements in the restaurants. 

Funky places to eat.

The best milkshakes are still in the Hard Rock and believe me after 17 years here we've tried a few milkshakes.

Spa's that looks like castles and the best thing of all: You can wear singlet, shorts or dresses without freezing. No wonder I love Indonesia so much. 

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