Saturday, 3 March 2012


I ended up going into Oxford Circus again yesterday and got stuck in front of the Cupcake dispaly at Lola's , which in my opinion has the best cupcakes in England. 
Anyways, I heard this voice behind me mumbling something in the lines of: May I help you Madame?
 And then again but a bit louder until I realised that OMG the lady is talking to me. 
I had my birthday yesterday but in my mind I have no age or am stuck somewhere in the 20's. Then suddenly overnight, wherever I went yesterday people addressed me as Madame.....Really?
In my mind a Madame looks something like this:
So it is either time for me to:
 a)take a serious look at myself in the mirror and come to terms with my true age,
b) run to the nearest beauty shop and buy a very expensive anti-wrinkle cream
c) or go under the knife for some serious botox injections

I ended up with option 
d) stuffing my face with lovely cupcake, counting each of my wrinkles in my face and celebrating them for what they truly are: experiences of a life fully lived with laughter and tears and slowly trying to come to terms with being called Madame whenever I enter a shop......


  1. Hehehe...velkommen i klubben. Du skal ta det som et kompliment at du har ventet så lenge med å få høre det. Jeg har vært "madame" i årevis;-) klem Therese

  2. don't read too much into the madame term, just the ever polite English doing it their way. it's better than "hey love, whaddyawant?"