Saturday, 24 March 2012

At last

We're finally back home. In our Paradise. How I missed it and our cats.
The travel here is long but well worth it. This year we actually flew in and no, you do not want to hear about the bumpy flight in the storm. But it was either that or staying in Kupang for days on end...

The kitchen is the first room that gets cleaned up.

When we got here we quickly discovered that the storm that went through did some major damage to the electricity, at the same time our generator had decided to die on us, so for the last week we've been without power. Thank heavens I have a gas oven and that Greg and Yanto are in town so we've had a few good meals over at the resort.

The clean up is finally finished and we can now sit back and adjust back to island time. There are a surprising amount of "buleh's" in town. Unheard of! On-shore winds, rain but today we even saw a bit of sunshine. I just love this place.


  1. welcome home, even if it was to one without night time power. I bet the cats were as excited as you. Little correction, we are buleh, not boleh (which means "to be able to").

    1. Thanks Sally May Bay. It's been noted and changed