Sunday, 26 February 2012

A very posh afternoon tea break

Solvi and Harald is in town, or a little out of town on a well deserved long weekend break and yesterday we decided to drive down to see them at the luxurious Four Seasons Hotel in Hampshire. 
So we drove down from London and walked into this formidable gate only to find a truly stunning English hotel.

John had not seen them since the wedding so it was great to be able to catch up with them again.

 The afternoon tea was off course laid out in style, you wouldn't expect anything else in such a classy hotel. Rose petals were strewn across our table with a stunning purple orchid in the middle.

Freshly baked scones with clotted cream and assorted finger cakes.
And "shots" of organic home made jams and lemon curd.

And off course champagne, while our men opted for milkshakes. 

Needless to say it was a wonderful afternoon spent in the sunny country side and such a blessing to get away from the work zone of our own house. It is moments like this that will last a life time.

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  1. What a treat for all of you. Those Poms sure know how to celebrate afternoon tea.