Sunday, 5 February 2012

Silent night

London has had an unseasonally warm January.
Then February came and boom! the temperatures have dropped way down.
It's been a really cold week and to keep the heat in we've drawn the curtains around five-ish every afternoon.
So I got a huge shock last night when I looked out our bedroom window and discovered that it had started to snow. It looks so stunning and peaceful out there on our street. I am dreading tomorrow as I know there will be Captain Chaos on the roads as England still is not well equipped with dealing with snowfall. However for now it is great watching the white flurry stuff fall down from heaven....

 .....and snuggle down underneath the duvet covers with John.

1 comment:

  1. Så koseligt å se hvor dere bor i england Hildegunn,du må ta bilder inni huset også!:)Hvor er det dere bor hen i London?Vi vil komme på besøk!:)Kristin :)