Friday, 24 February 2012

Musings from the office desk

The Selfridges Food Hall hides a multitude of deliciousness.
I love going in there and just rummage through the shelves and see what I can find.
Yesterday I discovered this awesome tea:

When I buy books I definitely buy them sometimes purely on how the cover looks. (Well, not anymore since I have my kindle now, but I used to).
So, I loved the whole packaging of this tea so much I bought it, -purely out of how good it looked on the outside. Let's face it, the fact that they have even written Rose The Noir Biologique on the outside of the box sounds pretty inviting. (Forget the fact that on the other side it is written in Deutch). Plus it is pink! How cool is that. Just a couple of years ago it would go against my whole belief system to buy anything pink but lately I feel oddly attracted to the colour. 

The tea itself tastes like Turkish Delight in liquid form.
It is going up there as one of my favourites and I must remember to bring it back to Paradise with me.
Moral of the story: DO judge the tea by its packaging. You might end up with an awesomely delicious surprise.

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