Tuesday, 17 January 2012

The Walk, (Blog from John)

I have been coming to our secret spot in the Italian Alps, (Trafoi but MI5 OK), for over 20 years now and in all that time I have never climbed up the mountain and to tell you the truth have never really ever thought about it either.
Sure I have climbed up the ridges on the mountains upper slopes and even climbed to gain access to other villages but have always believed that the easiest way up the mountain was by the chairlift system.
So after years of Hildi trying to get me on "The Walk"' I finally relented and decided to walk all the way up the mountain. (I must have been mad!)
We thus proceeded to walk up "Route 17" and can't even imagine where all the other 16 routes are located. 

The record for the walk is 31 minutes and we did it in approximately 1 hour 40 minutes but did take in the scenery and took plenty of photos and not to mention rests.

I am definitely not quite ready for Mt Everest or the next Winter Olympics but probably did it quicker than the no.17 bus route in London, (or maybe not!)
Of course was really happy to reach the top and I think Hildi is  hoping it's not another 20 years until I do it again.......We will see eh!

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