Saturday, 17 December 2011

Fitness training

Yes. I wasn't joking when I said we come down here to Tenerife to do a bit of training. Thanks to our mermaid neighbour Sally down in our Paradise home, she got us on to these incredible swimming goggles which my husband had brought with him all the way from Bali for us to swim Tenerife.

What I haven't told you is that the water temperature in Tenerife compared to Nembo land is like winter and summer. So our first morning there, after I had my little power walk and was hot and sweaty we stumbled down to the beach and honestly I had a complete body freeze just by dipping my toes into the water it was that cold. It felt like my toes were going to come off with frost bite. (Ok maybe exaggerating a little). 

However, due to my highly competitive nature and the fact that it was I who had dragged John down to the beach to get this swim over and done with I could not not swim and for all of you who know John there is no way I could live down not swimming without being teased for the rest of my life.  I wouldn't have heard the end of it, so the stupid, stupid woman I am I flung myself into the sea and started swimming. After getting over my brain freeze it was actually quite nice and the swimming goggles were excellent. However that night my throat got its revenge and by the morning I could hardly speak nor swallow nor eat....John off course being the super human that he is didn't even get the sniffles. So he continued on to swim every morning. Whilst I did my power walk. And for the rest of the week I did not even stick my toes into the water again no matter how alluring it looked and how much John insisted that the water was getting warmer every day.

 Footnote: Do you see anyone else in the water? Didn't think so and it's not like we're talking about a little stretch here either. 

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