Monday, 17 October 2011

We're back!

We are finally back to the island of the Gods.

As always, we are rushing around like mad people the minute we land in Bali. 
(Ok, maybe not. We landed a little after midday and with both of us being exhausted from London we basically got to our hotel room, crashed and woke up 12 hours later).

Then all the fun starts. Renting a motor bike and haggling over the price, even though the dude behind the counter knows us well. The Balinese loves the banter of haggling over prices and even though in the beginning it feels slightly weird, in the end you'll get the hang of it. Price finally settled we are off.

 Dodging traffic, inhaling all the "wonderful" petrol fumes, hanging on to John for my dear life on the back of the motorbike. A big feeling of Dejavu washes over me. (Wasn't I just on this motorbike on these treacherous roads)?
Mission of the day: Change money and get the food shopping done so we can cargo it onto our island home straight away.
The day has just gone so quick. With all our "chores" done, in the quickest time ever I cannot wait for tomorrow to come around. Bring on the sunshine :-)

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