Sunday, 23 October 2011

Well hello T-more

To get to our Paradise island we have to take a plane from Bali to Timor and then have a sleep over for one night before we take the ferry the next day. 
I've been coming to Timor for about 12 years now, the first time we travelled by a boat that took us 28 hours from Bali and it was only 3 of us that was tourists on this boat. It felt a bit like being a superstar, or being trapped in a zoo as the locals kept taking photo's of us, pinching our skin, tugging our hairs etc.
 Anyway we arrived into Timor and asked the local taxi driver then to take us to the best hotel there. He took us to his brothers house.....then a hostel, a bed and breakfast and finally we made it to a hotel, which was pretty run-down and mosquito infested but way better than the other places we'd been taken to and by then we were so tired we crashed out.
Anyway, ever since then our one night stop-over has been something we've dreaded.
The hotels have never quite been clean enough, the fear of getting bitten by some malaria ridden mosquito has always been lurking, the karaoke bars have always been right next door to our bedroom. Gold and plastic seems to be the flavour of all the decorators.

 So we were pleasantly surprised to be tipped off to stay at this brand new hotel.

 It was actually so new that the paint was literally drying on the walls. Clean. Air-condition. Shower with warm water. Crisp bed linen and a TV that worked. And quiet. Even the decor was quite good.
We checked out the restaurant and we were the only ones there and the food was good. Almost up there with the night markets. 
All in all a very pleasant stay. 
We'll be back here for sure!

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