Tuesday, 4 October 2011

The Kindle

I've had my nose stuck in a book ever since I learnt how to read. Come to think of it, even before that. I've always loved the anticipation of opening up a brand new book, feeling the crisp paper against my fingertips and the smell of it.
So when I first heard of the Kindle I thought nothing of it. No way would I ever change my way of reading a book. I'd rather feel the pages and heaviness of the books I was reading than electronically turn the pages on a machine.
That is until this summer. For years now, every time we go away someplace I've been lugging 3-4 books in my suitcase. This summer a very nice lady, ("bookworm" like myself) introduced me to the Kindle and I got hooked. So I got one. And haven't looked back since. 
Love it! 
At the moment I am reading the latest book in the "True Blood" series by Charlaine Harris which is way better than the TV series. 

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  1. Tom is hoping Santa will bring him one for Christmas. Only thing he hasn't been a good boy, so don't like his chances.