Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Good afternoon, selamat sore Bali

What a wonderful fantastic day it has been today.
Started the day with brekkie with friends and continued on to have a massage...
The rest of the day has been spent in a blissful state of mind and slowly the bad energy and thoughts are leaving my mind and body.

We are staying at a tiny little oasis of a hotel in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Seminyak. It is so peaceful and quiet here and the hotel has a wonderful garden filled with orchids, frangipani's and other beautiful plants.

Each hotel, restaurant, bed and breakfast etc. have their own designated areas where they give offerings to their Gods throughout the day. Which I think is quite neat. They believe if they don't do this the bad spirits will come and get them. A typical offering is a handmade basket made out of banana leaves and in it you'll have rice, biscuits, cigarettes, flowers, fruit, it basically looks like anything goes. It is a bit like leaving porridge out for "nissen" the day before X-mas. The cats, dogs, mice and rats are loving it :-)

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