Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Celebrations in Paradise

We're finally back in our little Paradise.
The first couple of days is a bit of a blur. We arrived straight into a wedding celebration that took place right behind our house. As I said before, these people know how to party. There are enormous speakers rented in for the occasion and you'll have the "duff-duff" music going the whole night....We kind of knew something was up as the minute the electricity came on on our first night here the music started blaring. They only had it going to 0300 in the morning, a good practise run. The day after we were all invited to come to the church and to join the party afterwards.

 John and I both still suffering from a major jet-lag ventured up to the church and went back to our house for an early night sleep. Or so we thought. At nine that night the music started and it was so loud the walls in our house was shaking. It didn't stop until six the next morning when the power went off. Then the gongs started. The whole village was asleep that day.

On Sunday our house was finally cleaned up and we got to celebrate my wonderful, funny and beautiful neighbour Sally's Birthday. I missed her since I've been away and it was great to catch up with her and her husband Tom again.
The birthday bash was held at Big John's place, complete with chocolate cake and cocoa/almond milk smoothies.


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