Monday, 1 August 2011


Laerdal is roughly 3 hours drive from Bergen. Rougly 2,222 people live here, amongst them some of my family.
It is a beautiful little village hidden between large mountains.
Right in the middle of this gorgeous place lives my auntie, uncle and cousins.
This place goes way back and the first house on their land was built in 1913. It is a beautiful old wooden house that believe me is full of strange noises and activity at night.
I remember sleeping there as a child and the lights would go on and off and you would hear footsteps from the floor above you, knowing that there was no living persons upstairs...

...this little house used to house a tailor...

...while this house below is where my auntie and uncle lives now and I had a very nice and undisturbed sleep here, no unwanted footsteps in the night, or flickering of lights or moving shadows lurking in the corners of the rooms.

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