Friday, 22 July 2011

The climb

Vibeke came to pick me up in her car and then we drove to the "take off" place for todays little walk. Vibeke has walked all the 7 mountains surrounding our city in one day, (it is one of these crazy things they do in this town once a year), so what better guide to guide me up on my first trip. It is a beautiful walk up and we pass this drinking reservoir where swimming is strictly forbidden. (It looks so nice and inviting however that I am sure on a more sunnier and warmer day than today I would be very tempted to dive in).

Once up the top of the mountain the views are spectacular.

There is even this little mountain book at the top of the mountain where you put your name/date and hour into.
Due to Lyderhorns prominent visibility to the sea it has long been a navigational mark for sailors. The walk down again was pretty simple until we reached the steps. Pretty steep. Not so fun to walk up.

Kvarven Fort which we pass on our way up and down used to be a strategic point during World War 2 and you can still see bunkers and cannon positions used in the defence of Bergen. Here is one of them built into the mountain.

....and I couldn't resist taking a picture of the toilet with the typical grass on the roof:

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  1. How did your knee handle the climb? You scored clear weather for the views, but it still looks rather chilly for mid summer.