Friday, 17 June 2011

Project guestroom

It is now exactly one month until mum and dad will take the trip from Norway down to our little island. I'm super excited and cannot wait to see them here again. They were last here in 2006.
There is one tiny little problem though:
Our guest room has turned into surfboard storage, garage, work shed and it looks like a tip at the moment.

So I've decided to re-paint and clean it up so that when my parents finally arrive here they'll have a nice, clean and tidy place to sleep. Also figured now is a good time to start the renovations as my two surf buddies Karine and Mikaela have now left the island and I'm not keen on doing the whole sole surfing thing until it gets a bit warmer and calmer in the water. (I'm guessing for that comment I'll get kicked out of Norway). So far I've spent three days scrubbing, removing spiderwebs and painting and by the look of things I reckon I have at least a week to go. I'll keep you posted with the "after" image as soon as I'm done, which at the moment feels like IF I ever get done. What have I gotten myself into?

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