Wednesday, 4 May 2011


I am probably one of the worst backseat drivers in the world.
I am not comfortable on the back of a motorbike and it does not help that my husband turns into Valentino Rossi the minute he starts the motorbike and wants to overtake everything in sight. (That being said I must also mention that he is a really good motorbike driver has been on bikes probably before he could walk and I do reckon he would have given Rossi a run for his money).
Anyways, I did not grow up with motorbikes, in fact do not like them very much at all so all this running around on the back of the bike here in Bali dodging traffic is not a very good scenario for me. Or John. His waist is often black and blue after me clenching on to him. (I really do not do the cool biker chick look. You'll see me pale, terrified and clenching on so hard my knuckles go white and I'll have muscle exhaustion until we are back on our island). The traffic here in Kuta is getting worse and worse every year. Two lane motorways is often blocked with cars squeezing in and making it a four way motorway. I have seen too many accidents that I care to count and I still end up as a back seat motorbike driver every time we get here. You should face your fears every day someone told me once and have I been facing them this time around.
We've been laden down with boxes of food etc. driving backwards and forwards to the hotel.
To day we managed to cargo off all our groceries and tomorrow I will be enjoying the day, -on foot, checking out cushion shops, interior shops and fun shops like that. While John will take a welcoming break from all the driving around and his waist gets a bit of a rest....

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