Monday, 23 May 2011

Surf's up!

This past week I've been extremely busy. The surf has been up and since I've found Karine and Mikaela we've been going out every single day together. Plenty of laughter and hard work, the winds have been pretty strong but the last two days we had our "bonus" days where everything just came together: wind, surf direction and waves. (Not only that: these chicks have got boyfriends who willingly come down and take photo's so I just had to post some on my blog).
Normally you have a million rules you have to follow when you are out surfing. (Ok, maybe not THAT many).

1. Never paddle on the inside of anyone else.
2. Never drop in on someone else's wave.
3. The person closest to the whitewater has the right of wave.
4. Once you caught the wave and paddle back into the line up you have to wait your turn.

In this picture below I think we broke every single rule:
I've also been increasingly busy with my jewellery so the days have flown past and suddenly it is Monday. Again. Am I the only one that feels like time suddenly has got a brand new jet engine? Where is the days going? At the moment I feel like there are not enough hours in the day.

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