Friday, 27 May 2011


It has been flat as a pancake here for the last two days. More like a lake than a surf spot.
But the mornings have been wonderful with hardly any winds so Mikaela and I have been SUP'ing, (stand-up paddle boarding), for the last two mornings. It's been Mikaela's first time paddle boarding and I am blown away by how quickly she has learnt it.
Photo taken by Karine Avon-Leveille

It is a great way to exercise, beautiful scenery as we paddle up in the lagoon past Tom and Sally's place. All in all it takes us about an hour. On Sunday Gerfried and Susannah from Austria arrive here on the island and she is an avid paddle boarder, so it is good to get in shape before she gets here. ;-)
Oh, anyone out there with a spare paddle could ya' send it down please? Sally is missing a paddle for her SUP and I am missing our paddle board sessions!

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