Sunday, 1 May 2011

Sundays, -gotta love them

Living so close to the church here on the island every Sunday we get to wake up at 05.00 in the morning by the church bells ringing. Reminding every villager that in exactly 1 hour the church service starts. If that fails to wake me up at exactly 0515 the birds starts chirping so loudly you'd think they were competing for the Indo Idol...and if that fails and we still have not gotten out of bed the cats will storm our bedroom at around 05.45 demanding to get fed. Sundays has turned into a bit of a "holy" day even for us. It is power day so we get to have the use of electricity until way after lunch time so it is great.
I normally make a big batch of pancakes and we'll turn the TV on and catch up on news, sports etc. It is also Sundays and Mondays we are hurting the most for food as market days are on Tuesdays and by Sundays the veggies have gone rather sad. Mondays is our muesli for dinner day. Sunday is whatever I have left in the fridge.
And unless there is surf Sunday afternoons I play around with the cats.
The fence is now completed so the view below is from our neighbour's property and you can see a bit of our lounge and the view he has still got. Fingers crossed they will not think it is too bad when they get here. With a bit of luck they might embrace their newfound privacy fence.

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  1. see you soon, might be crashing you're place for coffee on Sunday x