Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Passion fruit and Mykonos

How can something this ugly taste so good?
I remember the first time John introduced me to passion fruit. It looked absolutely disgusting, and you kinda have to slurp it in. Once you get used to the consistency though it tastes absolutely yummy. This was our lunch for today.
We had an early start to the day, met up with Mike in the morning, went motorbike hunting, got to the supermarket by nine, spent a couple of hours there, caught a taxi back to the hotel to drop off and re-pack our groceries to get them ready for shipping tomorrow. Back on the motorbike. Change money. Get our paperwork sorted for the fingerprinting we have to do on Thursday for the immigration, drop off some washing, get some surf wax, go to the hardware store and get some more stuff, back to the hotel drop the stuff off, and then at the end of the afternoon we met up with Mike again at Mykonos the restaurant in Bali and I had the meal that I have been dreaming about for the last week:
Fried Calamari
Gyros w/pita bread, salad, tzatsiki,
Baclava with vanilla ice cream.
No need to wonder what my favourite part of the day was. It is only 20.30 and I am ready to go to bed. Another huge day tomorrow.

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