Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Norwegians in town

Had my first surf completely alone yesterday.
Didn't do much for my confidence as it is pretty lonely out there by yourself but by the end of it I felt good. Although must say I much prefer surfing with someone.
When I came back in I got a phone call from Yanto, the manager of the resort down here.
- " Hildi, guess what?"
- "?"
- "I have Norwegians here!"
- "OMG what shall we do with them? Fry them, bake them or eat them raw?"
(Yanto and Holt in the resort bar)

I was beyond happy as the number of my fellow Norwegians that somehow manage to find this spot I can count on two hands, and that is including the ones that I have brought down here.
Yanto had gotten word that it was the 16th May, very important piss up day for the Nor-Nor's as the 17th May is our independence day so he invited John and I over for dinner. Yessss!
So my day went from not so great to fantastic in just one phone call.
The guys, Goran and Mads are pilots for one of the private aeroplane companies in Indonesia and it was just great to be able to speak Norwegian again and to get to know these two blokes. It was also good to eat a good meal again and not have to cook, (fish, steak, veggies, salad, cake, soup, you name it, it was there).

Today I am taking them surfing after we've gone around the house with the Norwegian flag and sung our National Anthem!

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  1. Thank goodness I have got your blog to read or I would never know what you're up to down there. Happy Norwegian Day. Day are in veldy, fin doggy dog.