Saturday, 14 May 2011

Injuries at kite board beach

The winds have been howling lately.
Strong, strong July winds in the middle of May.
Good news for the happy kite boarding crew though. Greg and John took the trip down to kite board beach yesterday. (With me as always in tow).
Armed with only one kite: an 8 meter.
(John's 9 meter needs a new bladder so it is in for repair and to kite anything bigger in these winds would be a suicide mission).
Accidents are bond to happen in these kind of winds. Which they did.
Greg ended up barefoot on the reef, with no booties and luckily only escaped with some minor scratches on his feet.
Then he got dragged onto the beach and got some scrapes on his thighs.
The beach itself is beautiful but eerie. There is a cliff that I have named "The Phantom cliff/ Skull Rock", see if you can see the "skull" in the cliff.

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